Recovery Day Show!

We are very stoked to be playing this years Recovery Day! This is a Canada’s largest recovery day event, free to attend event that brings attention to and helps people that are suffering and effected by drug and alcohol addiction know there’s a way out / how to get help. This is an amazing cause and close to home for us. The city of New Westminster, BC, Canada will shut down Most of Sixth Street for this event. Help us and others bring attention to amazing cause. We all have, had or known someone that has been effected or died from the terrible disease of addiction. There is help available. This will be a free concerts by us Two Car Train, Matthew Good, Randie and the Rehabs, Matt Hoyles, Buffalo Jones . We will hit the stage at 12PM sharp on Sept 8th.

There will also be over 100 Vendors & TEDx Talks Speakers,

Please share and help bring as much attention to this event as possible!

Two Car Train plays Recovery Day BC. The largest recovery based event in Canada

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